Kelly's child support case refuses to reduce his payments

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Azriel's parents additionally claimed that Kelly began having a relationship with their daughter when she was only 17-years-old.

Kelly lives with both Azriel and Joycelyn Savage and calls them his girlfriends, but their parents claim he is holding them against their will.

Azriel Clary's parents believe their daughter will kill herself if she is parted from R. Kelly. "We can take responsibility but to the world, how much responsibility did R. Kelly take?"

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"I don't wanna call her bluff on it because I know she just attempted this previously. But..."

Alice Clary went on to tell king that she heard her daughter tried to leave Kelly's home twice and was brought back both times.

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"The difference is our daughter had experience with trying to do it", Angelo said.

"I should have saw the change in my baby girl instead of the love that we instilled in her, that she was showing us and putting on a charade". Angelo says Azriel told them it was an audition, and got defensive when they questioned her. And she really carry out this?

- Megan Hickey (@MeganHickeyTV) March 13, 2019Johnson said Kelly is still recording music, even though he was dropped by his record label in January.

As for Valerie Payton, the Clarys said they never met her. CBS News has not been able to confirm whether Payton had any role in Azriel's care. "I had it bad but what I hear today is that he's taking this to a whole other level and I'm so anxious about the young women in the house", Martinez said. "I am fighting for my f***ing life!"

"I'm crying because you guys don't know the truth", Clary said during the emotional segment.

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti reportedly obtained a sex tape allegedly involving the artist and a 14-year-old girl and gave it to authorities.

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Kelly's girlfriends were carrying out a "suicide pact", police officers rushed to the singer's apartment on Tuesday evening to conduct a wellness check. "I didn't see the label stop supporting him", said Angelo.

If R Kelly thought his sitdown with CBS' Gayle King was going to calm his troubled waters down, he thought wrong. "It was also our daughter, because you have to understand, she was lying and duping us and pulling the wool over our eyes from the beginning".

In Kelly's interview, he claimed Angelo "sold" his daughter to him.

Now facing face up to 70 years in prison if convicted, these charges relate to Kelly's sexual interactions with victims aged between 13 and 16, with the first records of his alleged abuse commencing in 1996. Kelly was indicted last month on the charges involving four victims, three of whom were underage, in incidents spanning more than a decade.

Kelly was ordered to pay $21,000 in support for his three children - now ages 20, 21 and 17 - in his 2009 divorce to Andrea Kelly.

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