MLB Switches to Single Non-Waiver Trade Deadline for July 31

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The three-batter minimum, perhaps the most controversial measure expected to be implemented, was not formally agreed to by the union, but ESPN's Jeff Passan says the players do not plan to challenge it.

These rules are likely connected to each other.

Several of the changes would be introduced this season, with reductions in the time of inning breaks and a shorter trade deadline both going into effect. The bargaining over distribution of revenue could be the most hard gap to bridge, with teams clearly paring back spending on aging players while players chafe at the notion that those 30 and older are no longer worthy of the deals they received in the past.

September rosters of 40 active players will be gone, teams will only be able to carry 28 players.

Starting with games later this month, mound visits will be decreased from six to five and commercial breaks will be shortened. This year will also see a change in voting for the All-Star Game.

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There will be a cap on the number of pitchers that teams are allowed to carry on the active roster, that will be determined by the joint committee.

Inning breaks for all games will now be two minutes, down from 2:05 for local game and 2:25 for national broadcasts. Trade waivers have been eliminated, meaning the end of post-July 31 waiver trades.

Major League Baseball is abolishing August trades and switching to a single non-waiver trade deadline on July 31, the league announced in a statement on Thursday. No trades can occur after that date, but players can still be placed on waivers and claimed on outright waivers after that date.

Voting for the MLB All-Star Game will now happen on one day, in what the two sides are describing as an "Election Day". The rule was implemented unilaterally by the Office of the Commissioner. During the "Primary Round", each team will nominate one player per eligible position (three outfielders), who will be voted on by fans.

Prize money for the players on the winning All-Star team will be increased.

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The minimum stay on the Injured List will be increased from 10 to 15 days and the minimum assignment period of pitchers to the minor league will also increase from 10 to 15 days.

All-Star Game bonus payments will be given to the top three vote-getters at each position in each League during the Primary Round (top six for outfielders).

It will culminate in an All-Star week that includes a Home Run Derby with $2.5 million in prize money, including $1 million for the victor.

For pitchers, the minimum placement period on the injured list will increase from 10 to 15 days. One notable change will be giving out cash prizes to Home Run Derby participants.

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