Saudi women forgets baby at the airport

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"A passenger left her baby in the terminal, now she refuses to continue the flight", he responds.

In a freaky incident that took place in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, a Saudia jet was forced to turn around minutes after take off as a mother had forgotten her baby at the departure lounge of the King Abdul Aziz International Airport. "Can we come back or what?" the pilot is heard asking, after which the ATC official consults a colleague on the incident and discusses if the aircraft can indeed turn around.

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Saudi women forgets baby at the airport

The Saudi Arabian Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur returned to its gate in King Abdulaziz airport, Jeddah after the panicked woman alerted cabin crew that she had forgotten to bring her child.

Footage appears to capture the pilot asking air traffic controllers for permission to return to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. "Can we come back or what?".

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The freaky incident happened over the weekend when a Saudia plane returned to the airport after taking off as a passenger on board had forgotten her baby at the airport. The incident took the ATC operators by surprise and they took the time to figure out the protocol that should be followed in such emergencies.

The pilot has since been lauded for coming to the rescue of the distraught mother by social media users.

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While the distressed mother was reunited with her child, there's mixed reports as to how the baby was left behind in the first place.

A man can be heard saying, "Ok, head back to the gate".

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While airplanes are cleared to return to airports in the case of a major emergency, the freakish incident left airport authorities baffled as they tried establishing the protocol for such a scenario, reports Gulf News.