U.S. warns Germany against using technology of China's Huawei

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The U.S. has warned Germany about possible repercussions of using Huawei in its upcoming 5G mobile network, citing security concerns.

The Trump administration warned the German government that the US may not share intelligence with Germany if the country continues using Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei to build up its fifth generation cellular networks, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

While the U.S. Embassy said it could not comment on diplomatic communications, "the U.S. position on 5G network security is well known".

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The U.S. has repeatedly urged Germany, Canada and other allies not to use Huawei - China's largest telecom equipment maker - to build sophisticated new telecommunications networks, saying the company has possible ties to Chinese intelligence agencies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, US Ambassador Richard A. Grenell sent a letter to the German economy minister, which said that Berlin should discriminate against Chinese companies like Huawei when selecting providers of 5G equipment to upgrade its networks.

Germany's Ministry of Economics confirmed it had received a letter from the US and that it would soon respond. However, a CNBC report found that, under Chinese law, Huawei would be compelled by the Chinese government to assist with government surveillance if the government asks.

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The concern appears to revolve around the potential for Huawei equipment to be used by China for espionage.

Huawei recently filed a lawsuit against the United States government for labeling it a security risk and limiting its access to the American market. "The Americans will assume that everything we share with Germany will end up with the Chinese", the official told TheWSJ, referring to what would happen if Germany continues dealing with Huawei. Here, a billboard for the Chinese telecom giant is seen in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof railway station. Just last week, the Italian government received a rebuke from a senior U.S. security official for saying it would discuss with Beijing possible participation in China's Belt and Road Initiative - a major infrastructure project meant to improve links between the country and its major suppliers and markets.

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